Festival design

IO Festival technical designer

IOF (Dutch: Industrieel Ontwerpen Festival) is the biggest annual student festival of The Netherlands with over 1500 visitors. Even better, as opposed to the other festivals organised by students that are for the most part being outsourced, IOF is entirely designed, planned and built by students. In total there were 3 stages, 6 bands, 10 DJ’s and all tickets were sold out. My job was making the plans for all technical aspects and overseeing about 30 people during the construction week.

As with all large projects, planning is key. Over a 6-month period, every aspect has been meticulously planned for the hectic 6-day construction week. This all started by measuring the faculty using lasers and building a 3D model including the I-beams from which everything would be hung. Every light, speaker, truss, even every single cable was thought of covering various contingency scenario’s. As there would be roughly 1000 festival-goers underneath the construction hung by the ceiling, safety was a primary concern. To be sure, the deflection of the I-beams in the ceiling was calculated to millimetre accuracy. Everything went according to plan and it is incredibly rewarding to see the smiles of 1500 visitors listening to a band and to see the entire festival come to life.