HomeKit wake-up light

Since first sunrise, wakes me up every day

Over the past few years, the smart-home revolution has particularly gotten my interest. During my masters, as a side project, I developed many HomeKit-enabled devices such as buttons, sensors, lights, automated curtains, and the latest, a wake-up light. It is fully functioning, fully HomeKit-integrated, and continues waking me up to this day.

Using a LED-ring containing 24 LEDs and custom coded software, waking-up feels natural as the wake-up light mimics a sunrise. The ring slowly grows from a single LED to a full circle, changing colour from a warm golden-hour temperature to bright white simultaneously. In addition to being a wake-up light, it also functions as a reading-light, allowing for colour and brightness control using HomeKit.

The entire project was to challenge myself. I wanted to see what kind of result I could produce in a mere 2 weeks. The two weeks included every step of the design process from the initial idea to design sketching, and from software development to prototype production. The image below shows the final prototype: a working, physical wake-up light which actually is Siri-enabled.